Work experience was far from dull for Jack

Work experience participant Jack, his long brown hair is tied back, he's wearing a white and black top, he's pointing at his self portrait on The Workshop wall

We love lifting the curtain on what we do here and inspiring the next generation of creatives. So, it was great having The Prince’s Trust participant Jack here on work experience these past two weeks. I’ll let him catch you up with what he learnt. 

“Hi, I’m on the Trust’s Team Programme. As part of the 12 weeks, we’re required to complete two weeks of work experience. At first, I was unsure about where to go until I spoke to Toni, my team leader.

“She knows I have an interest and passion for the performing arts and I regularly perform in shows to boost my social skills and confidence. She suggested The Workshop as she knows Sophie [the Arts Engagement Worker]. I’d heard of it but still didn’t know much about it, so I did some research and thought it would be an interesting organisation to complete my work experience with.

“I can’t say I’ve previously thought about working in the performing arts, mostly because I wasn’t aware of how to find the opportunities. However, after these two weeks I’ve learnt a lot. It feels as though a lot of possible paths have now opened.

“One of the most beneficial things that I’ve done is speak to Adam [The Garage Trust’s CEO]. I’ve gotten a lot out of the two conversations we had, and he imparted lots of useful information. It was interesting hearing his journey from where he started to where he is now.

“Another aspect I really enjoyed was observing different class sessions. I found it interesting how the sessions are run differently, either because of the class or the age group. With one of the Musical Theatre classes I even got involved, standing in as a teacher in one of their scenes. It was surprising, yet interesting, to see how their minds worked when devising their own scenes and scripts.

“Over the two weeks, I got the chance to speak to many different members of staff, from both The Workshop and [sister venue] The Garage. I learnt about their different departments, and roles within the organisation. I would ask each person ‘what was your journey to your current position’. It’s not just interesting to hear about the different paths they took, but also to know that if I wanted to work in the arts, opportunities can appear anywhere – you don’t have to follow a straight path.

“Whether it was front-of-house with Megan [Venue Manager], participation with Dan [Participation Programme Manager], marketing with Ethan [Design and Distribution], or inclusion with Sophie – I really enjoyed completing tasks related to the talk I had with each of them about their respective departments.

“My favourite task was probably ‘language of parts’ that Sophie set me. That involved filling in an outline of a person with the different parts of myself, such as my creative part, or my outdoors part. What I liked most about doing it was being able to take some time to reflect on myself and the positive and negative parts that make me who I am.

“Overall, not only have I really enjoyed this opportunity, I also feel as though I’ve benefited from working alongside people passionate about what they do. Through talking to everyone, I’ve learnt things I didn’t know and expanded on the things I did.

“In terms of my next step, if there is an opportunity available, I would love to work at or with The Workshop someday with the great team of people here. Otherwise, apart from maybe taking part in a class at some point, I will take my new experiences, knowledge, and advice and put them to use in wherever life takes me next.”

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