My interesting week with The Workshop

Work experience placement Inca had an interesting week at The Workshop

We were delighted to welcome Inca to The Workshop for a look at what we do and why.

We wasted no time putting her to work – from creating posters, social posts, and a class schedule to questionnaires, a session plan and some serious arts and crafts. She spent her last day with us looking back at what she leaned, so I’ll hand over to her.

“Hi! I came across The Workshop while in town, so I decided to enquire about placements hoping to gain knowledge about charities that use performing arts – something I am very passionate about – to make a difference for local communities. 

“On my first day Dan, the Participation Programme Manager and a Performing Arts Tutor, gave me a more thorough explanation of participation. He told me about how he creates plans for each class he leads, and I was surprised by the sheer, minute-by-minute, detail these were in.

“I was then given the task of creating a full-term schedule for a performance of a show of my choice, complete with term aims etc. I found this interesting as someone who attends classes for performing arts myself. I had never really thought about the level of planning that goes behind each session.

“I then met Sophie, the Arts Engagement Worker. She talked to me about her role, the referrals system, and examples of inclusion and engagement throughout the charity. I found this interesting. Her role was not one I had heard of before, but it is clearly an essential part of the community as well as the charity. She told me how she loves seeing the positive impact that arts have on communities and young people individually.  

“Creating some end of year questionnaires for members on day two was interesting because I got to see how the charity takes feedback, further enforcing the already very clear main principle of the charity that is to – in any way possible – help people.

“I met Libby, the Community Producer, and looked into the charity’s co-design projects in more detail, and got an insight into the lengthy process that takes place in order to start one. Later Libby and I did some very serious arts and crafts as a bit of a trial run for the Easter events. That was a welcome artistic break!

“On day three, Venue Manager Megan went through some basic front of house skills which could be transferred to other jobs. This was useful as writing emails is an essential skill nowadays, but as we discussed you never really get taught – but now I have! She gave me a very useful flow chart on how to navigate different situations on the phone and we even did a trial run where she pretended to be a customer.

“We spoke about new targets for the charity and ways in which to fulfil them – in this case, venue hire. I learned about the renovation of the building and brainstormed ways in which to further advertise the space for venue hire, going on to create a poster for this. Later Megan told me more about her role and how she made her way up. We spoke about different projects she has led / been a part of recently and how these had affected her overall job and the charity.

“Then I spent some time with Sophie talking about her work with the King’s Lynn Youth Project. She told me some activities that take place in these confidence building sessions, and I even tried a few of them.

“Sophie then gave me a few different hypothetical scenarios and took me through what she would do in each situation. This was useful and informative. I then sat in a music foundations class which not only was fun but fascinating. I also thoroughly enjoyed playing some percussion too!

“Day four was the last day of my placement and Megan and I both agreed it had gone all too quickly! In the afternoon we had a very useful session about the recruitment processes that employers go through. It was so useful to get an internal view of what employers look for and gain some valued tips on how to present myself to potential employers.

“Writing this blog put into perspective just how many valuable skills I had gained during the placement and showed me how useful this will be for me in the future.

“Overall, my placement was so informative and enjoyable. I was made to feel very welcome, and it gave me a real insight into the working world, providing me with valuable transferable skills while meeting lovely people! Thank you so much to The Workshop staff – in particular Megan, Sophie, and Dan – for making my placement so great!

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