Meet The Workshop’s new front-of-house assistant Harry

The words everyday has something to make me smile. I find so much joy in helping the participants develop their creativity and grow. A head and shoulders shot of smile new Workshop recruit Harry Hastings

Meet Harry Hastings, who joined us in March as our new front-of-house assistant. Born and raised in King’s Lynn, he’s no stranger to The Workshop having freelanced for us and being one of our first ever Introduction to the Creative Industries programme participants. I’ll let Harry pick up the story. 

I’d like to thank everyone for being so wonderful since my first day. I can’t believe it’s been three months already. I heard about the role towards the end of the ICI programme. I thought it would be a perfect role.

It allows me to be involved in the creative arts in my hometown and help participants develop their skills and passions. All while feeling familiar; having already participated and worked within The Workshop myself.

I studied graphic design at CWA in King’s Lynn and later moved to Coventry to study automotive and transport design at university. Growing up I expanded my horizons, living and travelling in different countries, eventually making my way back home.

So far, I’ve been a 3D modeller, boat designer, kitchen designer, camp counsellor, graphic design teacher, T-shirt printer, crafter and illustrator. The Workshop has since allowed me to expand into even more areas and mediums. Whenever I get the chance, I am either creating art, walking in nature, or playing video games, which all then feed back into my art.

I happened upon The Workshop by chance after seeing a flyer in The Place about volunteering here. This eventually led me to freelancing at the venue and learning about ICI. I’m so grateful to the programme as it has sparked my creativity once again and led me down the path to freelancing and expanding my artistic skills. It also allowed me to evaluate the skills I have and understand where I can use them to be successful in the field in which I want to work.

Day to day at The Workshop has me navigating the schedule, adjusting databases, updating pricing, taking payments, and answering any questions people have about what we do. I find this role very rewarding. Everyday has something to make me smile. I also assist in classes whenever possible and find so much joy in helping the participants develop their creativity and grow with the courses.

I feel places like The Workshop and our sister venue The Garage in Norwich are extremely important for communities and creative individuals within them. They allow people to develop their creative and communication skills or even discover a passion they didn’t know they had or have never had the chance to try.

For King’s Lynn, The Workshop is a great place for people of all ages and abilities to participate in a wide range of classes. Growing up in the town I’ve always wanted a place like The Workshop and think it is something the town has always needed. I look forward to all that is to come with The Workshop and I am enjoying every minute of it!

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