an interactive online panto available from 4 december 2020


My First Panto: Goldilocks and The Three Bears invites you to head out to the Wild West where Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear live quite happily. Life is sweeter than an enormous jar of honey. But a mischievous wind is blowing down the prairie and with it the famous bandit, Goldilocks, who causes havoc while they are at Old Man Rogers’ annual rodeo. What will she eat? What will she break? Where will she sleep? Most importantly – who will the pig wrestle? 

The newest instalment from All-In Productions, The Workshop and it’s sister-venue The Garage’s My First Panto. This year, Panto is going online! Streaming direct to your living room, this show will have the whole family singing, dancing and playing along with Goldilocks and the Bears in the only pantomime that isn’t too hot, isn’t too cold but is just right.

The show is fully interactive which means you, the audience, can decide what happens to the characters and shape the plot of the pantomime.

AGE: Up to 7, fun for all the family! 



48-hour streaming period
£ 10
  • 48-hour streaming period


3-month streaming period
£ 15
  • 3-month streaming period


1-month streaming period
£ 250
  • 1-month streaming period