The Workshop at The Walks - The Lost Colour


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The Workshop at The Walks – The Lost Colour

August 6, 2021
Half A String

Join Malcolm Brushell, a professional painter and amateur alchemist, on his
quest to find the pinky-est pink paint on the planet! Through cracking rocks,
mashing every conceivable vegetable, and even bottling and fermenting his
own cow’s wee, he has created every colour imaginable.
Through stunning puppetry and an energy fuelled performance all on top of a
van, join this race to create the most potent pigmented pink paint imaginable.
The Lost Colour is the first custom designed show for The Puppet Van.
This vibrant joyful explosion of colour is an energy fuelled physical show
full of clowning, puppets, and paint.
The show has its roots in the history of
pigment making and follows a loveable
independent artist up against a huge
corporate pigment making conglomerate.

This programme is presented with support from Creative Arts East.

Please bring your own chairs!

Age Suitability – 5+ years

Tickets – Free!